Our Work, Important Work, Union Work

The Ontario Public Service Staff Union (OPSSU) represents the front line staff of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union. We work in the union’s head office in Toronto and in 19 regional offices across Ontario, providing a wide range of services to over 100,000 of the union's members. 

OPSSU members are involved in organizing new bargaining units, and in supporting local leaders to build strong effective organizations to represent their members in the workplace. We work with bargaining teams to build strong contracts. We work with members to resolve grievances. We represent members in conflicts around benefits, workplace health and safety, workplace accidents and illnesses caused by workplace conditions. We produce newsletters and magazines and maintain the union’s website to communicate the union’s many and diverse activities to members and to the general public. We keep the union’s accounts and make sure members are reimbursed for their expenses on union business.

On a broader front, we influence legislative activity in the province and nationally to represent the interests of our members. We work with members to run campaigns to influence public policy where members’ interests are involved. We back up these campaigns with solid research.

We support the struggle for equity among union members, through creating opportunities for discussion and through support for members who face discrimination. And in all these roles, we also train members to take on local leadership, and local leaders to expand their horizons within OPSEU and within the broader labour movement.

We’re the union’s staff. We’re proud to be part of everything the union does.