OPSEU staff are asking for your support

By now you have probably heard that the staff at OPSEU are in bargaining with their employer, OPSEU management (Smokey and his team). You may also have received a robocall from Smokey last week about bargaining, and seen the press releases from OPSEU and OPSSU (the Ontario Public Service Staff Union). 
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You are receiving this communication because, after four days of negotiations, OPSEU staff and OPSEU management reached a tentative agreement, which OPSEU staff rejected. OPSEU management immediately filed for conciliation. Given the way things went with the first round of negotiations, OPSEU staff are very concerned that OPSEU management will lock us out or force us out on strike.

Staff trust in OPSEU management is at an all-time low. We are tired of management intimidation, and fed up with being silenced as activists. OPSEU management would not condone their own behaviour in the workplaces they represent.

We need OPSEU management to return to the bargaining table with a commitment to improve the workplace for all staff, and create a work environment where respect is a priority.

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OPSSU Press Release


OPSSU rejects tentative agreement with OPSEU, votes in favour of strike action if necessary

(TORONTO – July 18, 2016) The Ontario Public Service Staff Union (OPSSU), the union representing staff of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU), voted on July 16, 2016 by a 68% majority to reject a tentative agreement and in favour of strike action should that be necessary.

Following a presentation by the bargaining team recommending the deal, OPSSU members gave a strong message that it falls short of an acceptable offer.

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OPSSU Bargaining Bulletin #5

What happened at Saturday’s vote?

After presentation of the highlights of the tentative agreement by the bargaining team, members were lined up at the microphones to voice their concerns about the deal. While the bargaining team was unanimously recommending acceptance, the membership made it very clear that it fell short of their expectations in areas of psychological health and safety, addressing non-compensated hours of work, and addressing fair and transparent hiring practices. Particularly troubling to the members was the employer’s desire to double the amount of time professional/technical staff would be required to stay in a position after accepting it. During the last round of negotiations OPSSU made some progress by reducing the time required to be in a job before being considering for new posting from 24 to 18 months. They are now facing a concession by increasing the time to 36 months. Expecting members to stay in an unhealthy situation for 36 months before they can be considered for another job is simply a non-starter for many staff, given the state of labour relations.

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Contract negotiations begin between OPSEU and OPSSU staff union

For immediate release

Toronto – June 13, 2016 –The Ontario Public Service Staff Union (OPSSU) has begun contract negotiations with the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU). OPSSU represents more than 350 staff members who work for OPSEU.

Staff are holding solidarity events at their workplaces across the province on Monday, June 13, in support of their bargaining team.

“OPSSU is going to the bargaining table to negotiate a fair contract for our members. It is our expectation that our employer will show respect during negotiations, and demonstrate that they recognize the value of staff,” said Bargaining Chair Mirla Alvarado Fenn. Continue reading Contract negotiations begin between OPSEU and OPSSU staff union

OPSSU Bargaining Bulletin #1

Dear Members,

A lot of things have happened, and a lot of work has been done since OPSSU gathered on March 5th and 6th to set our demands for the upcoming round of bargaining. As you are aware, our collective agreement expires on June 30th, and there is a lot of work ahead of us to get a new one.

The following provides some details on the work done, as well as some of the work to come!

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The Ontario Public Service Staff Union (OPSSU) represents the front line staff of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union. We work in the union’s head office in Toronto and in 19 regional offices across Ontario, providing a wide range of services to over 100,000 of the union’s members.